Gallery 2021 – Victoria Chuzhina

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Victoria Chuzhina


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Photo 1

Detail shot of 3D-printed top made of ABS filament on power mesh. Sixty-eight individually printed pieces organically draped and handsewn to shell, and the short.

Photo 2


Photo 3

Front view

Photo 4

Full-length shot featuring 3D-printed handbag

Photo 5

Development process showing 3D-printed ABS filament on mesh, organic lines were 3D-modeled in Rhino experimenting with width, height, and organic shape. Mimicking nature, each piece is slightly different and unique. 

Meet the Designer

Chuzhina, Victoria

Victoria Chuzhina


I have been creating art since the moment I was born. Whether it was drawing, painting, collaging, or sculpting, my hands have always been full making something. When I discovered fashion, I became instantly addicted. The fact that I could take an idea from my mind, put it down on paper, and then turn into a 3-dimensional wearable piece of art got me hooked. There is quite literally no better feeling in the world than working on a garment, then seeing it come to life in motion on a body. Nature has always been a great source of inspiration for me. My thesis “biomimicry” is derived from a design philosophy that informs how things are made, so that their form and material composition may be in harmony with the ecosystems they inhabit. This look embodies the practice of biomimicry, looking to the environment for inspiration of shape, color, silhouette, fabrication, and movement. This look was an experiment combining 3D-printing and conventional materials to create a vision of the future.

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