Gallery 2021 – Wanyu Shao

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Wanyu Shao


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Photo 1

This sustainable collection combines classic and romantic styles. The white shirt is made from cotton poplin. The ivory jumpsuit and the face mask are made from organic cotton gauze.

A closer look at the details of the jumpsuit. The garment is mainly designed by elastic thread with a varied pattern of elastic ruffles and pearls on top.

Photo 2
Photo 3

The natural textures are captured in this full look outfitted with a face mask to complet the look.

Photo 4

The organic theme continues in the craft details of the shirt. The whole garment is clean-finished with French seams. The earring is made with dried flowers.

Photo 5

This image shows the details of the sleeve and the back of the garment. The sleeves are made by transparent organic cotton gauze with a better cotton shirt cuff.

The video conveys the designer’s aesthetic by showing the design details and the movement of the look.

Meet the Designer

Wanyu Shao

Anyang, China 

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I think fashion is not only an object but also an art that could be a mark of an era. It allows designers to express emotions and convey information to the world. I have been interested in design since I was a child. I found that inspiration can come from any moment and any place. I hope no matter where I go, and what I do, beauty and surprises will stay with me at all times, so I can ultimately turn them into actual works. My design includes my personal attitude and style. I chose sportswear because it will have more possibilities for me.

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