Gallery 2021 – Wenting Zheng

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Tiffany (Wenting) Zheng

Special Occasion

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Photo 1

The inspiration for this dress is escapism. Showing a feeling of loss, despair, and trying to break free by imagining it to be something beautiful. A feeling like an illusion luring you into its trap.

Photo 2

The outer layer of the dress is made with peachy nude and blush tulle, and the inner layer is of a blush heavy silk.

Photo 3

The two colors of tulle together give the dress a beautiful and ethereal look.

Photo 4

Strapless gown, ruched bodice in two shades of tulle, with cascading circular ruffles.

Photo 5

15 circles of fabric are pinned at the top of the skirt and flow freely down. Someone is being imprisoned, yet they are so close to breaking free.

Photo 6

The light color of this dress represents a fantasy and a distraction from reality, which contrasts how it is constructed to be tight and fitting.

Meet the Designer

Zheng, Wenting

Tiffany (Wenting) Zheng

Fuzhou, China
Special Occasion

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