Gallery 2021 – Xuan Dong

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Xuan Dong


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Photo 1

The inspiration of this garment is from a Henri Matisse painting. This photo focuses on the hat, which is an accessory. Red makes this look interesting and the feathers are a soft and flowing element to balance the whole look.

Photo 2

The garment includes three layers. The mesh top covers a bra and two straps go from the top of the pant in order to stabilize the shape of the pant.

Photo 3

An overall look with all three layers of garment. Some circles on the waist, ankle, and shoulder.

Photo 4

A view of a different angle. Black bias tape is sewn along the outline of the garment to emphasize the shape.

Photo 5

This photo clearly shows some details of the side view, and shows the proportions of the hat and clothes on the human body.

Photo 6

Against a natural background, the color of the garment blends with the sky, which is an uninhibited feeling that Matisse captured in his work.

Meet the Designer

Dong, Xuan

Xuan Dong 

Weifang, Shandong Province, China 

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