Gallery 2021 – Yeonji Lee

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Alice Yeonji Lee


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Photo 1

Inspiration is drawn from architecture

Photo 2

Initial sketches

Photo 3

Front view of dress

Photo 4

Front view with jacket

Photo 5

Back view of dress

Meet the Designer

Lee, Yeonji

Alice Yeonji Lee

Orange County, California

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Fashion design started as an art form and became the savior of my life, a form of therapy. I wanted to build a life that I could always enjoy, not live a life I needed to escape. My design aesthetic is structural due to my attraction to sleek, modern architecture and geometric shapes. Having lived in and educated in the bicoastal cities of LA and NYC, I appreciate the energy of these dynamic cities that provide broad perspectives on the need for diverse fashion.  My husband who inspires me states, “Skyscrapers and buildings are beautiful, but they are manmade and need to be taken care of…Nature has a way of replenishing itself to stay beautiful. That’s why there’s life in nature, but buildings are lifeless unless humans inhabit them.” My fascination with big cities compels me to create fashion that celebrates awe-inspiring architecture that is enlivened by the vitality of people.

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