Gallery 2021 – Yitao Li

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Esther Yitao Li


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Photo 1

This collection is inspired by the process of distortion. It started with manipulating filters on regular objects, sculptures, and clothing to develop new silhouettes and possibilities. Lace and plaid are combined to create contrast patterns on the body and experiment more with concepts and shape.

Photo 2

The first look consists of a dress, accessories, and customized boots all made of patchwork lace playing with different levels of transparency.

Photo 3

The dress is ruched and gathered on the side, sleeves, and shoulders with monochrome bungee drawstrings and adjustable cord lock, tied on the side and back.

Photo 4

The soft lace is structured at the hips to bring volume while still being lightweight and sheer, showing the leg warmers underneath.

Photo 5

The color is bright and playful. The patchwork plaid is split at center front. The bell bottom leg warmers and tied headscarf are made of patchworked plaid lace.

Sketches of Garment

Sketch lineup of the collection “Distortion.”

Meet the Designer

Li, Yitao

Esther Yitao Li


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As a BFA student majoring in fashion design, specializing in sportswear at the Fashion Institute of Technology, fashion has always played an integral role in my life. I am always traveling and looking for inspiration and something to learn every day, wherever I go. My design process could be different for every project. I love being experimental and trying new ways of making clothes. I believe I am telling my story as an artist in the form of garments. I like exploring all the possibilities for my designs and put my best efforts into making them work.

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