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Yixuan Wang


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My collection is inspired by red tides, an ocean phenomenon. It is a marine disaster referring to the sudden proliferation and aggregation of certain tiny phytoplankton, protozoa, or bacteria in the marine water body under certain environmental conditions. This causes the water body to change color within a certain range.

The intention is to gain awareness through these designs, of this beautiful but harmful ocean phenomenon. More attention should be paid to ecology and the environment.

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The design concept is to use texture and fabrics to simulate the appearance of red tides. For this, the main colors are blue and red.

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The fabric is velvet, denim, and mesh. Hardened fabric is used to simulate red tides.

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The soft fabric highlights the beauty of the red tides and ignores its harm. Let’s better understand our ecosystem and protect it.

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Meet the Designer

Wang, Yixuan

Yixuan Wang


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