Gallery 2021 – Yutian Ma

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Yutian Ma

Special Occasion

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Photo 1

Gown made of blush organza and tulle, the bodice was deconstructed and redraped from an original shirt to represent the mutualism theme in the pattern-making aspect. The boned bodice and the outer layer of the skirt were made of slightly shiny organza, beaded with crystals that add fluidity and dynamic.

Strapless gown in heavy organza with dangling crystals.

Photo 2
Photo 3

A petticoat was used underneath to give it a a more constructed silhouette.

Photo 4

The hem and seams are hand embroidered with basting stitches.

Photo 5

A close-up look at the hanging crystals.

Photo 6

Look with muslin glove and without petticoat in a sitting pose. The petticoat was designed to be detachable for the convenience of the wearer under different circumstances.

Meet the Designer

Ma, Yutian

Yutian Ma

Special Occasion

I dreamed of having a career in fine arts until I made my first “dress” with my grandma. After that, design sketches just flew off from the tips of my pens. Designing is like second nature to me and has eventually become my lifetime career.  I chose special occasion because I started there. My whole childhood was sketching dresses and high heels for my favorite stars. My fashion aesthetic is just like my lifestyle, simple and structured, but there must be an element of fun as well. Social responsibility is also a factor that I always consider. I make garments not only for the appeal but also for adding positive power to our earth and the world.

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