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Yuxi Xu


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Photo 1

Dress inspired by the lobby of the Woolworth Building, reflecting its early 20th-century character. The garment is a modern adaptation of the opulent aura of that period. A boatneck sequined dress adorned with metallic crochet lace on a mesh lining creating a mature lavish presence.

Photo 2

Long beige knit coat with puff sleeves over a grey rib knit dress with asymmetrical hemline and lace crochet applique.

Photo 3

Dark navy metallic lace crochet overpiece that wraps snuggly from the head to chin and wraps under the arms.

Photo 4

Asymmetrical grey sequined rib knit dress with a merging side seam.

Photo 5

Long beige knit coat with train and sharp high-low hem over knit dress and lace crochet headpiece.

Meet the Designer

Yuxi Xu

Brooklyn, New York

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Growing up in an immigrant family, I was taught to strive for careers that were deemed “successful”. However, I was always creative and constantly sought out artistic ways to express myself. I’ve studied industrial design, which felt too restricted; as well as fine arts, but disliked the sense of ambiguity and uncertainty. Fashion design was the perfect medium for me to explore my imagination yet also tie me to reality. Knitwear design challenges me in a technical sense through the importance of a garment from fiber to the finished piece, which provides even more opportunities for creative expression. My designs have elements of traditional silhouettes and structure alongside unorthodox details.

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