Gallery 2021 – Yuying Zhu

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Yuying Zhu


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Photo 1

I take great delight in deconstructing and reconstructing every part of my designs. For me, fashion design is an expression of ideas on fabrics and silhouettes. Inspired by architect Zaha Hadid, the sophistication of shapes guided me to my design.

Photo 2

This piece is called the history of future.

Photo 3

The non-linear design breaks the established framework, impacting previous impressions.

Photo 4

Breaking through the clothing boundary and piecing together the public’s established image of clothing.

Photo 5

Crochet top with a one shoulder ribbed top, matching with a front cut-out skirt.

Photo 6

Meet the Designer

Zhu, Yuying

Yuying Zhu


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I decided to become a designer because I have always been interested in two equally important things – how to add beauty to the world and how to instill a sense of beauty in people. Design helps me to deal with both. By creating beautiful things, I bring beauty and expose people to it. Certainly, beauty is a subjective concept, and different people are attracted by different things. This is another aspect of being a fashion designer, which appeals to me greatly – I can experiment, be innovative, set up new trends of beauty, and take risks. Thus, when being asked about my design “aesthetic,” the best way to formulate it would be – searching for beauty and finding it in the most unexpected and weird places.

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