Gallery 2021 – Yves Mervin-Leroy

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Yves Mervin-Leroy


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Photo 1

Oversized lambskin bomber embossed with custom geometric ‘Y’ pattern. Leather is soaked in acrylic and stretched over custom 3D printed forms with a clamping system. Backs of motifs are individually filled with UV curing resin for added strength.
Vertical slot seams break up the outer shell and provide additional mobility.

Photo 2

Matching oversized jacket and micro mini skirt in embossed ivory leather, paired with silk chiffon and charmeuse top. The jacket features ribbed cuffs, hem, and collar, and a covered zipper.

Photo 3

The geometric ‘Y’ motif is reinterpreted as tri-color charmeuse intarsia with nude chiffon for this 100 percent silk shirt. The three colors echo the highlights and shadows of the embossed forms.

Photo 4

Inseam pockets are hidden in the front slot seams to maintain clean vertical lines. There are two additional oversized inner pockets in the lining.

Photo 5

Charmeuse motif drapes lightly across the chest, suspended by chiffon. This lithe top is tucked into a complimentary structured leather mini skirt with two pockets big enough to hold even the largest smartphones.

A closer look at some details including branded topstitching on the jacket and a razor-cut finished hem on the skirt.

Meet the Designer

Mervin-Leroy, Yves

Yves Mervin-Leroy

New York, New York

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Haute couture is where the line between fashion and art becomes blurred. Garments can become so fantastical that they begin to lose their functionality for the sake of aesthetics. My goal is to adapt this design approach in a way that makes it not only wearable but practical in everyday life by merging it with all the functional details of streetwear. As the second most polluting industry in the world, fashion as we know it needs to change. My designs maintain classic silhouettes with a modern timelessness that allows them to be worn season after season without feeling outmoded. Careful attention to detail in construction guarantees that these pieces will long outlive their fast fashion counterparts, and by using natural fibers with minimal processing, they will quickly decompose should they eventually make it into a landfill, therefore the environmental impact is minimized.

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