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Zixin Li


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Photo 1

Silhouette and style lines are deeply affected by expressionism, which externalizes the turgid emotions of the creator through the various deformed shape of lines. This dress with multiple layers and color blocking, expresses the mixed emotions of entering the sophisticated world of adulthood.

Photo 2

The heavy weighted black fabric on the back, conveys the realization of hardship as a girl growing up and the anxieties confronting the world.

Photo 3

The modern image of breaking through femininity under the male gaze. The weight of the fabrics suggest strength and sophistication in femininity.

Photo 4

Creating a modern look to enhance women’s confidence and elegance. The design is meant to be part of customers’ closets as a daily choice.

Photo 5

Artistic exploration is not only the study of conceptual ideas, but also the path to understanding one’s inner self.

Meet the Designer

Li, Zixin

Zixin Li

Guangzhou, China

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A fashion designer is both an artist and an engineer. The design process requires elaborate visuals and expressive emotions that evoke empathy of the target customer.  Living in New York City, I have the opportunity to observe a diverse group of women, their outfits, their expressions, and their products. I am interested in sportswear design and I hope to express an image of the modern independent woman. Hoping that my designs will make women feel comfortable in their daily lives, my portfolio collection was to be an external expression of their inner-self.  I explored the aesthetic element from researching art and film and applied it to my designs. In my portfolio, I worked with structured fabrics to develop various suits and jackets. I also layered different pieces together to provide the ability of mixing-and-matching between looks in the collection. I value functionality and comfort in fashion in addition to style.

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