Gallery 2021 – Ziyue Zhu

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Ziyue Zhu


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Photo 1

Inspired by diverse Middle Eastern culture the hand crochet raffia dress and stitch patterned knit hoodie scarf were both designed to celebrate traditional and progressive Arabic women’s fashion. Elements of Arabic architecture and geography were demonstrated by pattern, texture, and color development for the lined full circle dress and scarf.

Photo 2

The white, gold, and tan colors are inspired from elements of the Arab desert, signifying the beauty of nature.

Photo 3

The rigid texture of the raffia yarn helps make the dress stand out in comparison to other conventional knitting yarns.

Photo 4

Back details

Photo 5

The crochet patterns are inspired by elements of Islamic geometric shapes.

Meet the Designer

Zhu, Ziyue

Ziyue Zhu

Nanjing, China

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