Gallery 2022 – Adelina Isakova



My thesis project was inspired by marble figure statues and their intricate details. I wanted to convey the sensual emotions seen in the embracing statues throughout each garment and create a feeling of intimacy and elegance with each ensemble. The drapery and wings on the statues in a lot of my reference images were the main inspiration for the pleating and overall design details in my garments.

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Side view of a floor length brown silk gown, showing the panel details. The side panel is light brown organza and floral pleating. The organza panel shows the light pink bra underneath.

Side view showing the organza see-through panel and floral pleating.

A three-quarter view of the brown silk dress with a deep V neckline showing the light pink bra with strapping details under.

The organza panel detailing is a continuation of the triangular cutout theme throughout the look.

Back view of the dress showing the pleating from both sides and a draped scooped back. The model has her hands up in the air playing with the scrunched-up mesh arm warmers.

Back view with the side panels and bra peeking through.

Front view of the brown silk dress with the model standing straight showing all the details of the look. The bra has three straps on each side and one strap coming in from the side seam creating a triangle.

Front view.

A close-up of the side view showing the bra and skin under the organza panel.

Detail shot of the side view and scrunched-up mesh arm warmers.

Meet the Designer

Adelina Isakova

New York, New York



Photographer: Radmila Binyaminova
Model: Abigail Agabs

FIT, State University of New York

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