Gallery 2022 – Alexander Fan


Dark Horse

Using knitwear as a medium to reinterpret notions of sport and prep, “Dark Horse” reinterprets argyles and accentuates the strong geometric impression of the diamond shape, while housing the elements within sport-inspired silhouettes. These effortless silhouettes help anchor an air of ease to the ensembles as layers of diamond impressions created through stitch, color, and embroidery lay atop each other to form depth and intricacy.

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A woman stands to the right of the composition with her arms raised above her head as she closes her eyes. A sleeveless top with blue and teal dyes is combined with a pleated skirt of similar color orientation. The woman is posed on one leg, with the other raised and bent like a flamingo, highlighting white and blue fluffy mohair heeled sandals.

Hand-loomed mohair heels are paired with the knit tennis-skirt and top for a soft silhouette.

A woman sits with her back facing the viewer, hand posed behind her as her support. Clearer detail of mohair embroidery and stitch-transferred diamond patterns are visible, as well as the diagonal, thick stripes of light blue dye.

Needle-transferred, embossed ottoman and embroidered mohair are enhanced by stenciled mineral dyes.

A man wearing a thick beige jacket with partially rendered Aran diamonds gazes up at a woman wearing a sleeveless top and pleated skirt. Both face away from the viewer as the woman puts a hand on the curtain.

Reversible Aran sweater-jacket in foreground with wool and cotton jacquard skirt stained with mud dyes.

The woman wears a blue sleeveless top with white shirt collar and open placket.

Fiber, stitch pattern, mineral dye, and embroidery are combined to make this chic ensemble.

The woman in the foreground wears the sleeveless blue top with pleated skirt. The skirt has silk georgette inserts between the outside jacquard panels. The woman in the back wears a reversible sweater-jacket with matching shorts.

Top features a cotton collar with open placket; skirt incorporates hand-sewn silk georgette inserts.

Meet the Designer

Alexander Fan

McLean, Virginia



Photographer: Alex Fan
Model: Jie Zheng

FIT, State University of New York

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