Gallery 2022 – Alicia Lasker


Sculpted by Nature

Inspired by the different shapes of rock formations of the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua, located on the coast of the Dominican Republic. As the water has run through the stones for thousands of years, these rocks have taken intricate and beautiful shapes. I created pleated fabric shapes to resemble the stones formed on the walls of the waterfalls. The amazing colors of the waterfalls inspired the designer to create ombré blue fabric print. This collection is a combination of structure and flow.

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Asymmetrical ombré blue jumpsuit with light blue organza on the side blue pleats

Delicately and carefully handcrafted bias-cut pleated organza fabric

Full-length jumpsuit with handcrafted and sewn pleats

Full-length asymmetrical ombré jumpsuit. Ombré fabric print designed by the designer.

Comfortable for model to walk in jumpsuit

Silk satin flows beautifully when muses walk. Pleated top part allows model to swing her arms.

Elegant and comfortable to sit in

Elegant wide-leg pants allow model to sit comfortably.

Meet the Designer

Alicia Lasker

Santiago, Dominican Republic



Photographer: Syreeta Turner
Model: Carmen Sanchez

FIT, State University of New York

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