Gallery 2022 – Amaya Wanigarathne



This artisanal collection is developed to foster and preserve a dying Sri Lankan cultural heritage, hand batik craft, while finding solutions to sustainability issues. The textiles were brought to life in ethical collaboration with batik artisans in Sri Lanka. The collection honors the idea of a human embodying the dualities of feminine and masculine, elegance and sensuality, passion and purity, and delicacy and fiery, while being content with being alone.

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Tailored tuxedo dress

Sri Lankan heritage batik-printed tailored tuxedo dress with exaggerated hips, shoulders, and sleeves

Lapel detail

Handmade buttons made of upcycled Sri Lankan rupee coins and artisanal hand batik print details

Cutout back

Lapel detail with batik print

Dramatic, elegant sleeves

Exaggerated sleeves lined with burgundy silk charmeuse and bias binding

Batik print details

Cutout back with extreme shape and power shoulders

Meet the Designer

Amaya Wanigarathne

Colombo, Sri Lanka



Photographer: Elsa Silva
Model: Michell Rodriguez
Batik Artisan: Chinthaka Bandara
Hair and Makeup Stylist: Toni

FIT, State University of New York

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