Gallery 2022 – Amy Ko


Thank You for Being Born

Thank You for Being Born revolves around the theme of birth. There are three different stages of birth. The first stage is before birth. This was based on my mother’s taemong, also known as a birth dream in Korea, of me when she was pregnant. The dream consisted of a baby inside an aquamarine crystal stone. The second stage is after birth, where there are sufferings and tears in the different stages of your life. The final stage is rebirth where you ascend into your true self that you love.

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Open off-white silk organza jacket with sequined embellishment on the lapel. The jacket also has straps as closures, which are flowing because they are opened. Under is a strapless brocade off-white dress with white silk chiffon ruffles and embellished pearl trim on the top bodice. Background is a beach with clear blue water and soft sand.

The silk organza jacket with the long tie are inspired by the traditional Korean costume, hanbok.

Model looks into the distance with the strapless dress and sky blue lace gloves. She is without the jacket in this photo.

The silk ruffle fabric manipulation on the brocade dress represents our dreams and hopes.

Model posing with her hands up and wearing the jacket closed, dress, gloves, and blue cutout lace leggings with bows. Background is the beach.

I wanted the use of ornate embellishments to invoke a sense of fantasy, like my mother’s taemong.

Model looks behind into the sky with jacket closed, tiered dress, and cutout leggings with bows.

The cutouts with bows in the blue lace leggings represents both fragility and perseverance.

Model sits and places her hand against her head as if she is sleeping. She is wearing the strapless dress, pearl heels, and lace gloves. She is on the sand, and the water is in the background.

The mostly white look with lace, organza, pearl, and silks symbolizes transparency, renewal, and rebirth.

Meet the Designer

Amy Ko

Queens, New York



Model: Jay Kim

FIT, State University of New York

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