Gallery 2022 – Ana Alvarez


Those Gosh Darn Humans

My concept for this look hyper-focuses on the shapes and colors of oil spills to create an ironic beauty of human ramifications. The textures generated by these tragedies are displayed through voluminous textile manipulation and silhouettes. Each piece is reworked thrifted garments.

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Front view of a grey asymmetrical vest with individually poly-filled stuffed balls and buckle strap at chest. Paired with a blue boatneck drop shoulder sweater with weaving and fringe details. The sweater is tucked into a purple silk pleated balloon skirt. The background consists of a brick wall and vines up along it.

Reworked silk pleated balloon skirt stuffed with stiff tulle

A back view. The model is spinning to demonstrate the movement of the fringe hanging from the boatneck sweater. The vest is worn with only one armhole through and is secured with the buckle at front.

Bubble vest upcycled from rain jackets and a tablecloth, with asymmetrical buckle detail

A close-up of half of the ensemble. The model is holding her arm straight out with the vest hanging on her arm.

Each ball is individually tacked and mirrors the gurgling bubbles popping on the surface of oil spills.

Another close up of the sweater and skirt. The sweater has a vibrant  multicolored weaving. The yarns that are woven vertically extend past the hem to create a fringe that goes to the model's ankles. The skirt has a yolk that ends at the hips, which is attached to the pleated section.

Woven with vibrant strands of color on an oceanic blue base, reminiscent of oil percolating the sea

Front view of the fringe yarn top and skirt. The model has both her arms out and is leaning completely on one leg. The background consists of a building with two pink and green trees.

Innocent colors of skirt and top represent wildlife unaware of toxic oil drifting through the sea.

Meet the Designer

Ana Alvarez

Stuart, Florida



Photographer: Ana Alvarez
Model: Francesca Bornancini

FIT, State University of New York

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