Gallery 2022 – Basak Baltacioglu


Karmic Massacre

My main inspiration is horror movies and the thrilling feeling of them. This will be emphasized with the gothic subculture as customer profile and aesthetics. Overall, the look is a mixture of gothic fashion, taking heavy inspiration from horror movies, while presenting modern innovations and a silhouette of the 21st century.

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This image is a concept photo of the model reflecting the vibe of the theme with the pose, the make-up, and the visible details of the garments.

Look reflects pessimistic, bloody aesthetics of horror movies and darkness of gothic subculture

This image shows the model posing for a full shot of the look. The detailing, like the chains on the pants and the boning of the top, are very visible.

Pants are layered with two types of fabric and attached together with a zipper on top of each other.

This image is a side profile that focuses on the manipulated sleeves and the dimensional spikes of the pants on front.

Chain and spikes support the wild and edgy side of the gothic subculture customer profile.

This image showcases the details of the top as model poses accordingly. The neckline and cut-out shape of the pants are shown clearly.

Top consists of sewing techniques such as manipulating the fabric and scrunched binding details.

This is a lower shot that emphasizes the pants in general and the chains dangling from the cut-outs as the model poses, bending over to her back.

The fabrics used are cotton denim, leather, and nylon lycra, trimmed with satin binding and boning.

Meet the Designer

Basak Baltacioglu

Istanbul, Turkey

Model: Hilal Fidan Erdem, Askin Sevval Kulkuloglu

FIT, State University of New York

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