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With the development of technology, we know more about our past than ever. In March 2021, there were discoveries found at Sanxingdui in China. It is an archaeological site filled with remarkable artifacts dating from the 12th to 11th centuries BCE.
I am amazed by the craftsmanship of the Ancient Shu people. The inspiration for this project comes from the rich texture and intricate ornaments found at Sanxingdui.

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The photo shows the detail of the bodice of a maxi-dress. The dress is made from two different colors and thicknesses of 100% wool yarn. Metal rings are used as ornaments.

Multicolor hand-crocheted bodice with metal rings

Photo of a girl's back with her head turning to the front. The photo showcases the lace-up back detail of the dress. The skirt of the dress is made of loose-knit moss green yarn. The texture from the waist to the thigh is made by crocheting beige color yarn through the loose structure.

Moss green maxi dress with lace-up back detail

Photo of a girl showing off the big flare sleeve of her dress. The sleeve covers the left side of her face. Her shawl collar vest loosely hangs on her body.

Moss green crewneck rib minidress with flared long sleeves

Photo of a girl reaching her arms out. Her face is not visible. The background is light gray.

Multicolor hand-crocheted and woven shawl collar vest

Photo of a girl showing off the rich texture of the back of her vest. There is a sense of movement captured with the bottom fringes.

Multicolor hand-crocheted and roving fringes

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Ci Song

Shanghai, China


FIT, State University of New York

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