Gallery 2022 – Cilga Oztekin


Body Modification

Body modifiction and fashion. Clothes, tattoos, piercings, or plastic surgery, they draw attention and become the subject of people’s opinions regardless of the fact that they are on someone else’s body. Modifications are often desirable and sought after, other times they are bashed in the media wherever they’re found. I presented it as a personal choice, like our preferences in fashion. My looks emphasize that body modification choices are and should be personal, just like our clothes.

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Two asymmetric looks

Look on body modification

Tattoo printed bodysuit, asymmetric pants

Silk screen printed bodysuit with an exaggerated hip. Asymmetric pants.

Asymmetric jacket, microskirt, tattoo printed top

Asymmetric jacket, piercing through belt. Shoulder detailed screen printed top. Microskirt.

Back view

Back view

Asymmetric jacket, microskirt, tattoo printed top

Meet the Designer

Cilga Oztekin

Ankara, Turkey


FIT, State University of New York

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