Gallery 2022 – Deniz Hur


Gen Z, the Future

The project focuses on how our generation is responsible for creating the future—for ourselves as well as for the ones following behind us. Fabrics are futuristic elements of the design: The denim is completely recycled from already existing products, proving the point of how sustainability and recycling refers to creating a better future. We, as Gen Z, showed society that we are passionate about social issues, expressing ourselves, and revolt if we have to. The rebellious act is reflected in the look.

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Here is a close-up image of the balaclava, covering the model's face fully. The eyes are the only visible part of the face. You can see the individual's gaze through the safety pins attached.

The goal is to show what Gen Z means in our society as well as the responsibility we have to our future.

A full look picture of the design is seen. The silhouette of the jacket is seen pretty clear here with the collar, asymmetrical closure with snaps, off-the-shoulder sleeves out of children's pants wrapped around the bicep and voluminous ends attached to the cuffs. Pants are overly long consisting of 18 pieces all attached with safety pins and a closure at the back with a zipper. The pieces of the pants are detachable. The look gives different shades of blue denim with the metallic body and attached balaclava peeking under the oversized jacket.

Look consists of pants, jacket out of plus and children’s denim pants, a body with a balaclava

Two models with no face seen, only eyes wearing the metallic balaclava are looking into the camera. They are a part of our society and represent Gen Z.

Materials reflect future: Metallics, recycled denim give the aesthetics of 21st-century futurism.

Another shot of the full look in which the voluminous and draped sleeves are more visible and also show how long the pants are.

No face means we are all individuals that are a part of this society. Individuality creates unity.

A close up of the sleeves and cuffs with the safety pins attached to them. The dangling front chain and the mechanism of the safety pins are very clear in this picture.

Safety pins and chains added to support the rebellious aesthetics of the young subculture of today

Meet the Designer

Deniz Hur

Istanbul, Turkey



Model: Askin Sevval Kulkuloglu, Hilal Fidan Erdem

FIT, State University of New York

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