Gallery 2022 – Donna Kay


Hypothetical Hiker

My thesis features convertible hiking-inspired pants and a fitted top, both with a tie component. This look was inspired by the idea of introspection and the human mind. I wanted to explore how people are capable of looking within and changing things about themselves. The knotted ties represent how even when everything is holding on by a thread inside the mind, it can come together. I chose a contrast color facing for the inside of the ties to express the introspection of the wearer.

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Close-up image of ties

Each tie was sewn with a contrast color facing to add dimension to the ties.

Model standing against wall showing side of garment

The side panels on the top were inspired by 18th century panniers meant to extend the figure’s hips.

Front view of tied pants and top

Each panel of the pants can be untied and flipped to convert the panel to the color of the facing.

Back view of tied pants and top

The back of the fitted top features panels for fit and a metal separating Riri zipper.

Front view of tied pants and top

The flat front pants feature a fly zipper and a silk lining.

Meet the Designer

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Donna Kay

Kansas City, Missouri



Photographer: Arturo Guillen-Mares
Model: Evelyn Mares

FIT, State University of New York

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