Gallery 2022 – Duolin Fang

Special Occasion


It’s a garment inspired by my childhood.

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A 3/4 view of the garment. The first image is more like a costume or movie prop.

There are four layers of fabric and one boning for each side of the standout part on the arm.

A front view of the garment. It's an all-black garment, and I've designed a lot of exaggerated structures. I wanted my clothes to be visible from a distance, so I went all black. Even in dimly lit scenes, the entire structure of the garment can be seen.

There is a petticoat sewed at the bottom to support the silk and lace.

There is an invisible zipper at the back, and the whole view of the garment will look exactly the same as the front.

Invisible zipper at the back

I layered silk and lace and hand-stitched it. I wanted it to look like a lot of flowers.

Multiple layers of silk and lace

Some sketches and development

Meet the Designer

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Duolin Fang

Guangzhou, China


FIT, State University of New York

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