Gallery 2022 – Emily Colquhoun

Special Occasion

Red Duchess Satin Feathered Gown

Inspired by a previous illustration project, “Amoureux d’une Coquette,” this gown mimics the flirty nature of a French bombshell, with its protruding coq feathers and dazzling Swarovski crystals.

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Fluffy and plush high neck top with silky material on the bottom

Coq feathers and Swarovski crystals spread sporadically throughout the top of the high neck

Full image from hip to head of the front of the dress, with tight top and flowy skirt

Structural boned corset with pointed demi bra cups and mesh panels covered in sparkle

Full image from hip to head of the back of the dress with fluffy high neck bodysuit and full skirt

Detachable pleated train with side peplum pieces to give volume to the skirt

Close-up image of the top half of dress

Close-up, detailed image of the torso of the corset and mesh feather bodysuit

Meet the Designer

Emily Colquhoun

Deer Park, New York



Model: Nicole Solimine

FIT, State University of New York

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