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This look is inspired by my love for flowers and nature. The pieces mimic the layering of petals. The ombré is carefully placed to accentuate the body. I wanted the vibrant colors to resemble a blue larkspur as well as emanate a futuristic impression. I explored different options of non-traditional fabric dyes in an effort to bring more awareness to water use in the fashion industry. In future projects, I will continue to use dyes that are noninvasive to our environment.

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Close-up of double-layered bra with border trim paired with strappy halter accessory. Shorts are low in the front and high-waisted in the back.

Fiber: 100% super fine hand-dyed merino wool

Side view of double-layered bra and strappy halter accessory paired with hi-lo shorts.

Water used: 30 gal
Dye: Noninvasive
Made to bring awareness to water use in fashion

Front view of doublelayered bra and strappy halter accessory paired with hi-lo shorts.

Shorts: 12gg Stoll machine
Bra and strappy accessory: 7gg Brother knitting machine
Trim: dubied

Another front view.

Blue pressure-colored, hand-dyed high-low shorts with double-layered bra and accessory

Back view

Meet the Designer


Berlin, Pennsylvania



Photographer: Emily Hong
Model: Emily Hong

FIT, State University of New York

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