Gallery 2022 – Essence Mitchell


Hidden in Plain Light

This collection is in honor of two women with intersectional identities who made innovations in light technology and names for themselves, despite society’s efforts to hide the existence of people like them. The collection is characterized by elements of light reflection, iridescence, abstract amorphic shapes, and various representations of movement.

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Pictured is a statuesque Black model, size 2 with natural hair, in a white strapless jumpsuit made of deadstock neoprene fabric. It has a large sculptural front design detail that protrudes from the garment, and it is made of the same material. On the set of the photoshoot in the background is a large circular metal frame draped in long silver streamers. To the right of the model is a silver candelabra sculpture, functioning as a prop. Farthest in the background is a very dark, subtle sky.

Deadstock neoprene jumpsuit with sculptural front design detail…

This picture is the same as the first except the model's hands are up above her head for a pretty, ethereal pose.

… inspired by the shapes created by Loie Fuller while performing her famous Serpentine Dance.

This picture is the same as the first, except zoomed in to highlight the protruding front design detail.

This picture is the same as the first, except the model is leaning to the side for a more dynamic pose.

Underneath the pant is a petticoat-like structure, made of horsehair fabric and boning.

Meet the Designer

Essence Mitchell

Atlanta, Georgia



Photographer: William Rafael
Makeup Artist: Ashley Rosario
Hair Stylist: Koree Woodley-Adjei
Model: Tahiry Bah
Set Designer: Kaila Mitchell

FIT, State University of New York

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