Gallery 2022 – Filip Tadic



When I realized I couldn’t escape my demons, I decided to pull them out from underneath the bed and put them on hangers.

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Front view full look. Black nylon puff with high shine nickel-plated zippers. Abstract shapes utilize positive and negative space on abstract 3D platform.

Grim nylon puffer fabrication modular jacket and skirt characterized by distinct brutal silhouette

Front view jacket on abstract 3D hanger

13 custom Lampo zippers and 15 snap buttons allow for modular functions and multiple ways to wear.

Back view skirt on abstract 3D hanger

Skirt can be worn at waist, moved higher as a dress, or flipped upside down.

Three quarters back view full look on abstract 3D platform

Sculptural qualities allow for endless creative opportunities for editorial and conceptual media.

Back view full look on abstract 3D platform

All modular jacket pieces can be disassembled and reduced to a base layer vest.

Meet the Designer

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Filip Tadic

Chicago, Illinois



Photographer and 3D Editor: Yinglin He

FIT, State University of New York

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