Gallery 2022 – Francesca Bornancini



My thesis was inspired by comfort. After the COVID-19 pandemic we all got comfortable being in our homes wearing clothes that made us feel cozy and safe. That’s why my thesis collection focuses on making an elevated, comfortable look that you can take from home to the streets and look stylish. I utilized fabrics that feel good on the body like linen and silk. The duvet-inspired puffer vest was made with parts of my own duvet cover that I upcycled—when worn, it makes you feel like you are lying in bed.

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Duvet-inspired puffer vest made from white linen with a big collar

Front view of the duvet-inspired puffer vest with a huge collar made from white linen fabric.

Side view of puffer vest that has long straps that gather throughout the body and come out on the side to tie into a bow

Detail side view: long straps that gather the vest throughout the body and tie into bows on side.

Front view of silk charmeuse romper that is very flowy. It has long sleeves and a turtleneck.

Front view of the flowy silk charmeuse romper with turtleneck.

Back view of silk charmeuse romper that has an open back and a turtleneck that has long straps that tie into a bow

Back view of the silk charmeuse romper that has an open back and turtleneck that ties into a bow.

Side view of model walking, which shows the clothes in movement. The side straps of the vest are flowing in the air.

Side view of the whole look in movement.

Meet the Designer

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Francesca Bornancini

Miami, Florida



Photographer: Emerson Kobak
Model: Francesca Bornancini

FIT, State University of New York

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