Gallery 2022 – Franchescia Murry


Verbatim : Expanding the Concept of Logo-mania

This concept portrays the message my brand name “Verbatim” conveys, which is a metaphor for nonverbal communication, and the wooden “#1 Pencil” logo, which is a symbol toward a deeper analysis for any individual to create from the source by connecting back to one’s roots. This project is in reference to my current view on society. At times, individuals may have a black-and-white perspective on certain sensitive topics and do not pay attention to our stories that make us who we are.

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A  two-strapped see-through mid-length corset dress with boning and notebook. Notebook is made out of organza squares, jump rings, and grommets at the center front seam. A person is able to interact with the garment and flip each page, accompanied by over 100 organza squares sewn on top of the bottom of the dress at the hip line in order to create a page-stacking effect.

Embroidered organza notebook page corset dress with jump rings and eyelets in order for pages to turn

The model is posing full scale while walking and holding the bottom pages of the garment to create movement within the photo.

Motion shot of garment

The model is posing turned around in order to show a back view of the garment, which is completely see through minus the pages at the bottom of the dress, corset boning details, and an invisible mesh zipper.

Back view of garment

The model is posing in a side view, squatting position looking toward the camera, which makes the pages on the bottom of the dress fall in an overlapping manner.

Side view of garment

Meet the Designer

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Franchescia Murry

Atlanta, Georgia



Photographer: Victoria Watson
Model: Xotchil Sarabia

FIT, State University of New York

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