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Maya in Turkish means “essence.” In this thesis garment, I discuss one of the traditional Turkish handicrafts, weaving, with a sportym chic look. The cape, which extends from the shoulders to the back, was inspired by what is called the “kepenek,” which shepherds wear on their shoulders. I dreamed of an original and social silhouette of a woman who likes to use patterns in her clothing choices, reflecting fashion in her style, without sacrificing her classic line.

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The model turned to the camera with her knees bent and her hands folded in front of her knees, just like in a fetal position, on the Turkish kilim-patterned fabric used in the design.

Traditional Turkish rug pattern meets denim

The model is on the pavement outside Elizabeth Street Park, facing the wire wall, diagonally, with her back to the camera.  In the image, the cape and slit detail are in the foreground of dress.

An unexpected interpretation for the “kepenek”

The traditional Turkish weaving pattern, which is also used on the dress, stretches toward the floor on a stool. The model sits on the right side of the stool with the dress stretched out, and her hand toward the stool.

A wire that provides direction to the decollete at the top of the chest

On the road in front of the park, the model 's back is to the park, her face is turned to the camera, her hands are folded in front, and her head is turned to the right. The garden and statues are visible behind the wires.

Fabric combinations that give a patchwork feel

In the photo taken from the lower right angle, the model has turned her face toward the photo. Behind is a background of square glass panes and graffiti written on the worn wall.

Meet the Designer

Gamze Dogan




Model: Nazli Akan

FIT, State University of New York

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