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SERTRALINE, the collection, represents the feeling of being suffocated by the social pressures that feel so prevalent in my mind. Although confident, there comes a humility with putting your personality out for society to judge.
SERTRALINE places an emphasis on my struggles with general anxiety disorder and seasonal depression. Wanting to be colorful and confident all while simultaneously wanting to disappear.
Full disclosure, I am not a “pink person.”

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Take a look into my mind. This snapshot of my thesis collection journal shows the thought process I had undergone while creating SERTRALINE, the collection. Featured are various thumbnail sketches.

Pink reminds us of our adolescence and yet it’s one of the most hated colors in the spectrum.

Model, Thalia, leans forward in her white space, insisting that you take note of her powder pink detached sleeves and matching jacket.

Gradient rouge puffer ensemble, jacket with detached sleeves and calf-length skirt

My initial sketch with flats to better help understand the construction process.

Primary sketch developement and hand-drawn flats

Model, Thalia, is surrounded with pink walls as she poses in thought.

Suffocation of society’s social standards represented as a full puffer ensemble

Meet the Designer

Gianna Nepola

Staten Island, New York



Model: Thalia Auguste

FIT, State University of New York

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