Gallery 2022 – Gillian Cordes


The Art of Color – A Study of Johannes Itten

My thesis look is inspired by the paintings of the 20th century abstract artist Johannes Itten. Itten was greatly focused on the color wheel and color theory in his work. In my collection I used the whole spectrum of colors, but for this look I chose to hone in on the different varieties of a singular color: green. The vibrancy of this color expresses the whole of Itten’s work and the compositions he created.

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Photo of a girl sitting on the floor with her legs in a V-shape toward the camera. Her hands are propped behind her. She is wearing a loose-fitting green top, wide and loose blue and white pants, and a black boxy jacket. Her head is tilted down toward her left shoulder, her hair is red, and she is looking toward the camera stoically. Her shoes are large and chunky, and her feet fall outward in a relaxed way.

My look consists of three garments: a notch collar jacket, a dolman sleeve top, and wide leg pants.

Photo of a girl standing sideways with her right side toward the camera. She holds in her right hand a black jacket thrown over her shoulder and is looking at the camera. Her left hand is down at her side. She is wearing a green loose-fit top and blue and white wide-leg pants. The pants are to the floor and the shoes are not visible. Her hair is red.

The floor-length wide pants are made of wool crepe in teal and white with darker teal topstitching.

Photo of a girl in an arched, upright position. She is balanced on the toes of her shoes, her knees are bent, and her torso is tilted back to compensate. Her left side is toward the camera, and her left arm is down at her side. Her right arm is extended upward and bent slightly at the elbow. Her shoes are slightly visible below the hem of her pants, and she is looking at the camera. She is wearing a green loose-fitting top and white and blue wide-leg pants. Her hair is red.

The dolman top is made of a jersey knit in green and lime green with teal coverstitch.

Photo of a girl seated on a stool. Her legs are bent and point outward in a V-shape. Her feet rest on the footrest about a foot above the floor, and her large, chunky shoes are visible below the hemline of her pants. She has her hands placed on the stool in between her legs. Her right shoulder is tilted slightly down and her head tilts toward her left shoulder. She is wearing a loose-fitting green top, white and blue wide-leg pants, and a black loose-fit jacket that is open. Her hair is red, and she is looking at the camera.

The notch collar jacket is wool coating in black and bouclé weave and neon green topstitching.

Photo of a girl sitting on the floor. Her body is diagonal to the camera, and her back is slightly toward us as she looks over her left shoulder. Her hands are behind her to support her. Her left leg is outstretched, and her right leg is bent upward. She is wearing blue and white wide-leg pants, a black loose-fitting jacket, and large, chunky shoes. Her top is not visible. She is looking at the camera and has red hair.

The notch collar has a slight drop shoulder, double breasted buttons, and boxy silhouette.

Meet the Designer

Gillian Cordes

Miller Place, New York



Photographer: Logan Hicks
Model: Gillian Cordes

FIT, State University of New York

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