Gallery 2022 – Gina Borcky

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Intergalactic is that of being in between worlds. It can be whatever you want it to be – it’s up to your imagination. Through this collection, the mood is freeing, bold, and full of energy. It is inspired by a mix of science fiction and the real world. In this collection, the garments are full of structured and colorful details. A variety of fabrics are used, including unordinary ones such as vinyl and velvet, and is full of bold colors. When wearing the garments, the wearer is guaranteed to turn heads.

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The front of this dress is constructed of a bustier top and a round spherical skirt.

This spherical minidress was inspired by a colorful and vibrant science fiction world.

The spherical skirt shape continues around the garment and includes a low-cut back.

The structure keeps its round shape, even with a low-cut back.

From the side, you can see how the shape of the garment is able to hold up, even with movement.

The dress is structured all around, lined with horsehair and boning.

The center bodice panel is mesh and embellished with beads inspired by galaxies and constellations.

Bodice details consisting of multiple beads inspired by galaxies and constellations

This structured dress is paired with long black mesh gloves and embellished with acrylic nails.

The matching long gloves are embellished with acrylic nails.

Meet the Designer

Gina Borcky

Swarthmore, Pennsylvania


FIT, State University of New York

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