Gallery 2022 – Haeun Song


Aloha to Korea

This collection started from my personal story about immigrants. I am an immigrant from Korea to Hawaii, and I felt being an immigrant was mixing cultures. So I wanted to express the mixing of Korean and Hawaiian cultures that I learn, know, and love; like colors, flowers, hibiscus, landscape, arts, and traditions.

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The naturally curved line turtleneck top is made of black stretch velvet and has red and navy flower appliqués with the same color sequins.

Black stretch velvet T-neck top with multicolor flower appliqués and naturally curved line on top

Both sleeves are also made with naturally curved lines with naturally curved red, navy, and white organza appliqués. Flared shorts with the same black stretch velvet.

Naturalized curved line sleeves and flared black stretch velvet shorts with back zipper

Sleeve length covers the back of the hand. Shorts have the same curved line red and navy organza appliqués.

Naturalized curved line organza appliqués are harmonized on the sleeves and shorts.

The naturally curved lines are inspired by Korean traditional arts, expressing mountain ridges.

The naturalized curved lines are inspired by Korean traditional arts.

Black stretch velvet with navy and red flowers and curved line appliqués are harmonized. You can feel the traditions and the beauty of naturally curved lines. These shorts have side seam pockets.

The back is also full of flower appliqués with sequins. Side seam pockets in shorts.

Meet the Designer

Haeun Song

Honolulu, Hawaii



Photographer: Haeun Song
Model: Arifa Akter

FIT, State University of New York

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