Gallery 2022 – Haley Redding


Aerial View

For this look, I was inspired by the lines and shapes found in aerial landscapes. The dress is made from upcycled knit material, which includes six sweaters that were taken apart and used in entirety to create an organically shaped patchwork.

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Top right corner of dress, pieces of Fair Isle sweaters are pieced together using hand crochet in a white wool yarn and connected with thin light blue stitching.

I used various knit garments sourced from local thrift stores.

Full view of dress on a hanger, white background. Dress is made of patchwork sweaters in many patterns and colors with the patterns facing many directions. It has a full skirt, crew neck, and long sleeves made from long green socks.

The sleeves are made from a pair of vintage knee-high wool socks.

Close-up of a corner of the skirt portion of the dress, showing the drape and the uneven hemline

The upcycled knits are first felted and then cut

Close-up of the top left corner of the dress, showing a brown diamond pattern for the neckline and a pink Fair Isle sweater for the section below and the top of the sleeve

The edges of the felt panels are finished with hand crochet.

View of the full dress with the skirt pulled straight to show the details of the patchwork

Everything is connected using entredeux stitching.

Meet the Designer

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Haley Redding

New York, New York


FIT, State University of New York

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