Gallery 2022 – Hollis Kolmansberger


Tailored Surf Shop

Tailored Surf Shop stems from an experience I had living near Nazaré, Portugal, a world surfing capital. With waves nearing 80 feet tall, surf culture is deeply rooted in the town. At the same time, the women of the city (known as nazarenas) line the streets selling trinkets in the historic uniform: seven layers of skirts. This unique dynamic is carried out within the collection through sporty surf-culture-related colors and elements in combination with the craftsmanship of tailoring.

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Hollis wearing the lemon lime silk faille Surfboard Dress, standing with her hands in her pockets.

The lemon lime silk faille Surfboard Dress with recycled wetsuit neoprene top and silk twill scarf

The Surfboard Dress hanging on a clothing rack against a white brick wall, with a silk headscarf hanging to the right and white patent leather pumps on the floor to the left.

Getting ready for the evening.

A close-up of the Surfboard Dress from the back

The interior of the dress features dune grass green silk lining and bias binding.

An illustration of the Surfboard Dress

The Surfboard Dress illustration by Hollis

A front view close-up of the Surfboard Dress hanging on a rack with the silk scarf reading "Tailored Surf Shop, By Hollis, NY, NY"

Close-up of the recycled wetsuit neoprene top

Meet the Designer

Hollis Kolmansberger

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania



Model: Hollis Kolmansberger

FIT, State University of New York

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