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Phantasia is a collection that draws upon the nolstagia of our rich childhood imaginations. The collection explores the memories of long-forgotten places that only children may enter, drawing upon our intrinsic connections to nature in our youth and expanded sense of wonder and imagination. A form of escapism, daydreams and fantastical worlds of boundless possibilities and magic reigns freely. Phantasia evokes a sense of childlike wonder through abstract form and a rich palette.

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Sage green mohair cap sleeve dress with a low rounded seam. Semi-sheer double-tiered skirt cinched into two tight rib pieces across thighs and calves. Bodice and top skirt feature organic drop stitches with pointelles and ladders. Bottom skirt tier consists of uniform dropped stitches. Small drapery tacked on bottom rib with a diamond motif made of dropped stitches.

Front view of asymmetrical drop-waist dress with dropped stitch techniques

Right view of sage green dress. Showcases a fully fashioned, high-cut seam from the low drop waist to high back cut-out. Tiered skirt drapes dramatically across the front across the thighs and elegantly fluffs around the calves.

Right side view; tiered skirt is fully fashioned in pieces and seamed to provide volume.

Close-up of drapery at bottom of the last skirt. Drapery falls elegantly in full folds, featuring alternating diamond shapes made by dropped stitches.

Close-up of draped tail at the hem; featuring dropped waist technique to emulate diamonds

Left view of sage green dress. Drapery elegantly flows from bottom of the tiered skirt, which appears more robustly full on this side.

Left side view of asymmetrical dress

Back view of the dress showcasing a fully fashioned cut-out with a high arc that kisses the shoulder blades. Tier skirt sits right below the lower back, accentuating the middle of the back.

Back view of dress with fully fashioned cut-out

Meet the Designer

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Isabell Tan

Queens, New York



Photographer: Isabell Tan
Model: Jenny Liu

FIT, State University of New York

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