Gallery 2022 – Jake Taylor



Infatuation is inspired by a love story and, more specifically, the infatuation or obsession behind the relationship. Through sleek constricting silhouettes, lacing details, and lustrous yarns, the garments showcase the hidden pain and beauty of what it’s like to find love that truly consumes you.

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Vibrant and breathtaking, this gown is meant to stand out in the crowd and keep everyone's eyes on the woman who wears it.

The orchid cascading pleated gown

The constricting lace-up side seams are adjustable and easy to wear in a range of sizes.

Lace-up ribbon tie details on side seam of gown to create shape

Adding the godets on side seams for fullness creates moments of playfulness as she spins.

Rib miss construction that transitions to cascading pleats, all knit on the Stoll 10gg

The drama of the shoulder pads takes the gown to a sculptural place in the silhouette as she moves.

Godet inserts to create fullness

Meet the Designer

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Jake Taylor

San Diego, California



Photographer: Jake Taylor
Model: Emma Wheeler

FIT, State University of New York

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