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Yesteryear refers to a nostalgic recent past; the idea revisits the bittersweetness of reminiscing. The style encapsulates the warmth of childhood and the brightness of youth through a playful asymmetrical silhouette, fun color blocking, and symbolic knit motifs.

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The wearer is seated alongside a pond, barefoot. She is wearing a multicolored (French blue and vanilla white) asymmetrical dropped shoulder sweater top that is open on the wearer's left, and a colorful crocheted bralette can be seen from the opening. The neckline of the sweater top and her pants are color-blocked in French blue, rust, white, peach pink, bright yellow, and sage green; the cuff of the pants is folded up to create a peg-shaped silhouette. The right long sleeve is mainly vanilla white with blue, green, yellow, and peach pink stripes at the folded-up rib cuff. A tree growing out of an hourglass motif (created from arans and cables) decorates the wearer's right sleeve and body panel. The left sleeve is attached to the back panel and is a sage green with a hobby horse pointelle motif.

The asymmetrical sweater top has a tree motif created from arans and cables.

The wearer is wearing the same garment described in image one. Her pose suggests she is playing hopscotch and is in the middle of a jump.

A rust-colored chain-stitch embroidery decorates certain seams to create a Mondrian-esque feeling.

The wearer is still playing hopscotch, but part of her head is cropped at the top and more of the faded and cracked concrete hopscotch ground can be seen.

The crochet slippers on the pants serve as a surreal pocket.

The wearer's pose suggests she is in the middle of climbing up a vine climber at the playground. Her back is facing the viewer, so you can see the double-jacquard back panel with an hourglass (pink), tree (white), and BOI (blue) motif on a ground of sage green. White fringe decorates the bottom edge of the back panel.

The wearer’s left sleeve is attached to the double-jacquard back panel; fringe edges the panel.

The image captures the wearer laying in a twisted open slide. The golden hour lighting creates a moody and nostalgic vibe.

A crochet bralette can be seen on the wearer’s left, where the sweater top is open.

Meet the Designer

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Jessica Liu

New York City, New York



Photographer: Eric Liu
Model: Jessica Liu

FIT, State University of New York

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