Gallery 2022 – Karen Qu


Take Flight

This collection is inspired by flight and the study of aviation. The form of airplanes inspires geometric shapes while the body of birds informs naturally contoured seams. Pleating elements are inspired by the structure of wings. Rooted in a utilitarian attitude, the garments adapt to various climates, occassions, and the wearer’s individuality.

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Navy and sky nylon jacket over gray pleated jumpsuit

Water-resistant nylon modular jacket over contoured modular pleated jumpsuit

Back view of navy and sky jacket over gray pleated jumpsuit

Back view

Detailed view of contrast contoured seams on gray jumpsuit

Detail of contoured seams of jumpsuit

Light gray jumpsuit with dark gray contoured panels and detachable pleated pants

Contoured jumpsuit with detachable pleated pant extensions

Photo of navy and sky blue color-blocked water-resistant nylon jacket with two-layer modular details and oversized pockets worn unzipped over light gray polyester wool jumpsuit with dark gray color-block panels that contour the body and detachable pleated pants with metal buckles

Water-resistant nylon modular jacket unzipped over contoured modular pleated jumpsuit

Meet the Designer

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Karen Qu

Los Angeles, California


FIT, State University of New York

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