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L I G E I A takes inspiration from a gothic romance short story of the same name, written by Edgar Allen Poe. The collection draws comparisons between the character Ligeia and our planet Earth, both being wrapped and buried in cloth upon death. The clothing is maximalist and entirely upcycled in nature, emphasizing and bringing attention to the amount of fabric and garment waste we have on this planet, as well as providing a practice to reduce such excess.

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The model stands leaning forward with eyes closed and head facing toward the ceiling. Her arms are wide open and clothed in opera-length satin stretch gloves.  The garment has a prominent plunging neckline, exaggerated puff sleeves, and a miniskirt hem length.  The entirety of the garment is covered in T-shirt strips of blue, red, purple, gray, black, and white. The strips make swirls and hold a ridged texture similar to running one's hands down curtain blinds.

Plunging neckline constructed with spiral steel boning and keyring holder as metal closure

The model stands with her weight to one side and her hands on the back of her waist. She is looking off to the right.  She is still wearing the same garment as image 1.

Shoulder silhouette created with custom shoulder pad stuffed with threads and scraps

The model stands with her back toward the camera as she enters a small rounded doorway.  She places her hands up to the top of either side of the doorway and looks off to the left.  This view displays the 19th-century corset construction of the garment through the center back lacing panel, which extends from the top of the neck down to the miniskirt-length hem. The model is also wearing a pair of black spandex shorts underneath the corseted dress.

Late 19th-century corset construction designed to fit a variety of body types with back lacing

The model stands in the same doorway, now facing the camera in the same pose as before. This view reveals the strips of T-shirt that hang from the hem.

Upcycled T-shirt fluting technique is placed over upcycled denim stretch jean body.

A preliminary drawing of the garment with full sleeves and organza cuffs. The drawing depicts the intended swirls of T-shirt fabric, with more emphasis on the colors purple and light gray.  The drawing is done traditionally with marker and pen on paper.

Preliminary design rendering of this garment, done traditionally with markers and pen on paper

Meet the Designer

Karisma Hishikawa

Paramus, New Jersey



Photographer: Karisma Hishikawa
Model: Ayo Afariogun

FIT, State University of New York

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