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Everest explores the opportunity of upcycling while focusing on balancing hiking elements with current street style. Upcycling presents a unique opportunity to extend a product’s lifespan and divert it from ending up in landfills. While upcycling isn’t providing at-scale solutions for waste management in the fashion industry, it has the ability to create unique and thoughtful garments at a small scale.

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Karo Buttler is wearing her whole thesis look: A midnight coat made from deadstock material, a black cross-body bag attached to the coat, and beige carpenter pants with white paint splatter.

While the coat is made out of deadstock fabric, the cross-body bag is upcycled from a rain jacket.

The oversized shirt is seen in motion paired with the beige carpenter jeans. The tag "using what's already out there" is visible on the right leg of the pants.

The oversized shirt is made from five other shirts with a pocket on the sleeve and adjustable cuffs.

The image shows the QR code printed onto a tag, which is attached to the sleeve of the coat. It leads to Karo Buttler's website.

The attached tag with a QR code to my website

The black cross-body bag is detachable from the coat and works as a closure for the coat at the front. It has a zipper at the front and provides extra storage.

The bag is detachable and works as a closure, as well as adding functionality and extra storage.

This image shows the light blue shirt and beige carpenter pants in 3D, designed in CLO.

Utilizing CLO to map out pattern pieces and minimize the amount of waste during production

Meet the Designer


Oberhausen, Germany



Photographer: Trip Peters

FIT, State University of New York

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