Gallery 2022 – Katharine Nugent


Down the Rabbit Hole

This story starts with a girl falling down a rabbit hole and venturing through a Wonderland full of talking flowers, rabbits in waistcoats, smiling cats, and so much more. My thesis collection is a journey of size-inclusive self-expression inspired by the whimsy of Alice in Wonderland. It showcases a billowing knitwear journey full of bright, vibrant colors and prints. It’s all about transporting you to experience the adventures throughout Wonderland.

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12gg stoll machine floral double jacquard knit made with novelty deadstock yarn. The fabric has a soft, fuzzy, pajama-like textured yarn in a deep merlot color as the background yarn. There is a large-scale 10-inch flower motif made up of three yarns; one is a red shiny textured yarn mixed with a bright pink shiny textured yarn to make up the flower petals, and the center of the flower is a bright yellow/green flat yarn. The fabric is shown in an exaggerated huge flared leg pattern, paired with a cropped tie-back top that has straps that were created by hand-sewing two types of lace to the edge of a satin ribbon.

12gg Stoll floral double jacquard made with novelty deadstock yarn cropped top and flared pants set

This image show the profile of the pants. There is no side seam, it is just one big panel of uninterrupted knitting. The look in this photo is paired with one of my handmade neon yellow vinyl 8-piece hat toppers filled with multicolored silk flowers to emulate the emotions evoked by the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

Pants: Flared pants leg with no side seam for uninterrupted knitting of the double jacquard pattern

Hand-knit cardigan made from hand dyed I-cord yarn. The colors are what you find in nature, from the brightest yellows to the deepest reds and blues. Custom hand-blocked asymmetric crown hat made from 100% beaver fur felt, trimmed with upcycled denim and other blue woven fabric scraps.

Handknit cardigan made from hand dyed I-cord. Hand-blocked hat trimmed with upcycled fabric scraps.

Relief stitch pattern to follow the curve of a woman's figure, placed on the sides of the top. Small tubular knit trim for top finishings. Tubular rib for encased elastic waistband, and tubular rib for encased elastic at crop-top hem.

Crop top: Relief stitches side placement, tubular top edge, and tubular rib for elastic waistband

 Handmade vinyl hat topper filled with silk flowers

Hat: Handmade vinyl hat topper filled with silk flowers

Meet the Designer

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Katharine Nugent

Metuchen, New Jersey



Photographer: Haley Nugent, Jake Taylor
Model: Katie Nugent

FIT, State University of New York

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