Gallery 2022 – Katrina Ahuja


Reconstructed Beauty

Reconstructed Beauty focuses on overlooked things. Abandoned spaces, covered with graffiti, is the inspiration of this look. The concept is further inspired by the forgotten heroines of WWII, brave spies, pilots, messengers, and radio wave operators who did valiant work that is rarely recounted. All the garments in this look have been upcycled from vintage garments, giving them a new life. The upcycled clothing is a reminder that there is often great beauty in things that have been forgotten.

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A girl leaning back while balanced on her tiptoes, wearing a tan long skirt and a yellow T-shirt. She is holding a gray jacket slung over her shoulder. She is looking at the camera with a lot of attitude.

All of the garments were upcycled, so each pattern piece had to be carefully placed, or reconstructed.

A girl is looking to the side, over her shoulder, wearing a gray jacket with the name "Ahuja" appearing in graffiti font in green, yellow, and purple across the jacket.

The bomber is upcycled from two wool suit jackets and has a graffiti tag created with felted wool

A girl is stepping forward while her hands are in the pockets of a gray jacket with the name "Ahuja" in colorful graffiti. She is wearing a long tan asymmetrical skirt with a visible flowered lining.

The skirt is lined with a vintage polyester floral dress that matches the color of the graffiti.

A girl is facing the camera, wearing a yellow shirt, tan skirt, and black combat boots. She has a gray jacket falling off of her shoulders.

The skirt features epaulets, a storm flap, and a faux storm flap bellows pocket.

Meet the Designer

Katrina Ahuja

New York, New York



Photographer: Varun Hegde
Model: Larek Green

FIT, State University of New York

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