Gallery 2022 – Khaleel Bennett


The Meandering Journey

This collection was inspired by my fascination with modular design detailing in minimal silhouettes. I explored the idea of modular functionality through multiple design elements that the wearer can customize. I emphasized proportion and deconstruction principles as design elements to showcase the modularity of my garments.

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Full front view. Reversible pullover crop jacket with hood. Button-loop attachment, bolero windbreaker

Reversible pullover crop jacket with oversized hood. Bolero windbreaker with button-loop attachment.

Detachable inner yoke. Nylon waistband, encased elastic with buckle.  Detailed close-up of front look.

Detachable inner yoke. Nylon waistband, encased elastic with buckle.

Convertible pants skirt. Nylon waistband. Encased elastic with knit cording and metal cord ends.  Detailed close view of pants skirt.

A front view of my dress, showing beading, alpaca, and knitting techniques.

Welt pocket. Lower side seam. Draw cording detail. Back view 3/4 pose.

A back view of my dress demonstrating how the hijab falls when wrapped.

Three-piece oversized hood with nylon panel. Full back view with bolero hanging off shoulder.

An up-close view of my knitted hijab, knitted sleeves, and alpaca loops on my seamed breast panels.

Meet the Designer

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Khaleel Bennett

Queens, New York


FIT, State University of New York

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