Gallery 2022 – KONG


NYC Observation

I have not been able to go back home since COVID-19 happened. I realize how precious it is to treasure the moments and spend time with those you love. I tried to catch those moments that only happened in this place and at this time in my work.

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Walking through poster wall

I recreated the MTA “Mask Up” campaign in a 3D illustration format for customized digital prints.

UPS-inspired suits in front of UPS truck

Brown tailoring suits are inspired by UPS workwear color story.

Detail shots of MTA campaign puffer

“Campaign” print has a detachable hood and detachable side panels.

Walking in New York City at 7pm

Snap closure on the front

Back view of the look from a stranger's perspective

Maximum down filling for a tactical puffer look

Meet the Designer


Fujian, China



Photographer: Mark Kim, PA Amy
Model: Nancy Chidi

FIT, State University of New York

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