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My thesis is inspired by the loss of my grandma when I was younger, her name was Iris. After losing her I became very withdrawn, but over my time here at FIT, I have grown and pushed myself more than I ever thought was possible. While loss is hard, it forces growth, and over time something beautiful blooms. The bustier top shown is composed of Italian coated latex with dried and pressed flowers encased and stitched down to create a unique textile.

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Model standing in the middle of grassy field with large brick building in the background. Model is wearing coated latex bustier top encased with dried purple, white, and pink flowers. The model is wearing a dark purple dress that has white puff sleeves and matching ribbed knit trim.

Side of garment features curved seam lines and long straps

Model is standing under tree branch structure with left arm up on the top of the structure and right arm behind her body. Image clearly displays front of garment. Bustier top is asymmetrical, with bra cup and strap on left side only.

Front view of garment displays asymmetrical one strap top with curved seam lines on the sides

Digital rendering of garment; there is no model. Rendering is on a background of the Old Westbury Gardens and surrounded by flowers.

CLO3D rendering of garment used to visualize the garment and photo location prior to creating

Model is standing against a brick wall surrounded by bare, intertwined tree branches. She is standing at a 3/4 view with her eyes closed. Her left hand is on her ribcage. Garment is shown from mainly the left side.

Close detail shot of bustier top and contrast puff sleeve knit dress

Close-up detail shot from left side of garment image is cropped from the top of the model's chest to right above her knee. She's leaning against the edge of a concrete wall. Image focuses on white puff sleeve with matching ribbed knit and a side view of the bustier top.

Detail shot of contrast puff sleeve and right side of garment

Meet the Designer

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Krystal Parisi

Seaford, New York



Photographer: Jake Formisano
Model: Nicolena Spadalik

FIT, State University of New York

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