Gallery 2022 – Layne Barron


The Maiden of Deception Pass

Characters are the basic building blocks of writing. Whether you’re composing a headline or a tweet, the number of This collection was inspired by a Pacific Northwest folklore of a princess who, against her father’s wishes, falls in love with a sea spirit and slowly begins to transform herself to join him in life underwater.

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Model wears knit hair dress and handbag

LModel wears the Hairy Moss Dress, Hairy Handbag, and Horned Corset.

Model wears dress in blurry image

The Hairy Moss dress was made with hand-dyed knit fabric and hair extensions woven throughout.

Detail shot of corset

The Horned Corset is made of ivory silk charmeuse and steel boning.

Image of back of hairy dress

This look features a plunging open back and an adjustable lace-up corset.

Motion shot of hairy handbag

The Hairy Handbag is made of dyed leather and embellished with hair extensions.

Meet the Designer

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Layne Barron

Charleston, South Carolina



Photographer: Megan Clark
Model: Kayla Whitmire

FIT, State University of New York

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